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Angel Falls Info by BelRhaza4017


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June 22


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Running now through midnight July 31st!!!

The Amazon Arrow is on a rampage, copying the powers and abilities from every hero, heroine, villain and villainess that crosses her path. What happens when this ultra-powerful rogue heroine encounters your favorite character?

You tell me!!!

Send in your entries in any medium you prefer:
3D art, 2D art, literature, cosplay, sculpture, you name it… anything goes!

PRIZES: The First Place winner will receive 2400 DeviantArt points! That’s enough for a 12 month Premium DeviantArt Membership for yourself, or you can give the points away to whomever you choose! I will also create gift art and take requests for some of my personal favorite entries!

JUDGING: At the end of the contest I will set up a poll featuring a few of my favorites and the DA community will decide the First Place winner!

WHAT TO DO: Just upload your entry to your DeviantArt gallery like you normally would, then please send me a Note so that I'll know to enter you into the contest!

Here are a few general guidelines for participating artists:

    1)      I set the story in motion, and I will wrap up the story after the contest... I’m asking you to fill in some of the parts in the middle. Amazon Arrow doesn’t necessarily have to “win” an encounter with your favorite character or characters, but SHE CANNOT BE PERMANENTLY DETAINED OR INCAPACITATED! Her quest must continue.

    2)      Amazon Arrow wants to copy your character’s power, and she will stop at nothing to get it. She has acquired some pretty impressive powers already and there is no limit to what she might be able to do. She is not afraid to hurt people, but SHE DOES NOT KILL!

    3)      Of course I would personally love to see your version of the Amazon Arrow, but SHE DOES NOT HAVE TO BE FEATURED IN YOUR SUBMISSION! I want to see the consequences of AA’s actions in general, but you can do that without including AA herself. For example, you could show the aftermath of a battle (your character lying on the ground with a glowing white arrow sticking out of his/her chest). Or maybe your city’s hero or heroine has been taken out by AA and the villains are taking advantage of the situation. Maybe your heroes and villains team up for mutual protection. There are many consequences that can spinoff of the Power Quest story thus far. Just be creative!

    4)      Feel free to include DC, Marvel, your own OC’s or any other characters you might like; I’m sure Amazon Arrow will absorb dimension-hopping abilities from somewhere. However please DO NOT use someone else’s OC without checking with them first to get permission.

Enter as many times as you like!

Please help me to spread the word about this contest so that we get some great entries!


The Power Quest storyline starts here.
Amazon Arrow's Power Quest | Page 1 by amazonarrow
It might be useful to check it out and learn more about Amazon Arrow’s current powers and motives.

My Soul Arrows only affect beings that have souls. I can’t steal your powers if you are a robot, or if you don’t have any powers… but I might stick you with an arrow anyway if you try to interfere with me. And don't forget about all of the other powers that I have recently absorbed.

Info about how I constructed AA using Poser, can be found here:

Feel free to drop me a NOTE if you have any questions about Amazon Arrow or the contest in general, or you just want to say “Hi”!

A good time will be had by all. I have foreseen it. This is what happens.



Power Quest Art Contest Submissions:

Chryszilla by B69comics by :iconb69comics:

Cause for Concern by SinisterMarauder by :iconsinistermarauder:

Scarlet Archer: Casualty of Chryseis by Nuclear-Fridge by :iconnuclear-fridge:

Amazon Arrow's Power Quest: Thane by SinisterMarauder by :iconsinistermarauder:

Amazon Arrow's Power Quest: QC Intervention by White0wlsuperheroine by :iconwhite0wlsuperheroine:

ArrowedJonni had read about the exploits of Amazon Arrow in the news.  Through the gossipy grapevine of the mask and cape crowd, she also heard about some of the less-glamorous situations the heroine found herself in.  From a distance, Jonni felt a kind of kinship with the archer, particularly when things didn’t go spectacularly.  Recently, the word in the community was that Amazon Arrow was running amok from city to city, displaying powers and capabilities she never had before.   Apparently, the Amazon plowed through anyone that got in her way like a force of nature-- hero and villain alike were left strewn in her path, weakened and disoriented.
Now, reports were coming in that Amazon Arrow had entered Steel City limits.
“Maybe she just caught her friends by surprise,” Jonni thought.  “This might be the perfect chance for Jonni-On-The-Spot to show the heroines of Steel City that she’s in their league.”
It wasn’t hard to find
by :icongong63:

AMAZON ARROW: Thou will fall, Child of Heaven! by Furbs3D by :iconfurbs3d:

Power OutagePower Outage
Mr. M is the property of monshogaku. Amazon Arrow is the property of ammazonarrow and used with permission.
  Mr. M looked out over Queen City from the rooftop, his head filled with thoughts. A new heroine had emerged on the scene, called herself Amazon Arrow. It was always nice to have another super person here, as M knew he could only do so much. But then he had heard reports of Amazon Arrow attacking not only criminals, but other heroes. Keeping his smartphone close at hand, if he spotted her, hopefully there were enough supers to handle the situation.
  Feeling the rush of air and the sound of boots hitting the ground, M turned around, and froze. It was Amazon Arrow, standing ten feet from him, staring him down. “Everything I've heard about you Mr. M leads me to believe you have no powers. Unfortunately, powers I have recently acquired tell me that you in fact do have them.” She adjusted her stance and prepared to attack.
M mashed th
by :iconmonshogaku:

Power Quest! Argo, You Must Stop Her! by Mr-Hypnotyk by :iconmr-hypnotyk:

A Beautiful Brain by B69comics by :iconb69comics:

Arrowed by ladytania :iconladytania:

Amazon Arrow's Power Quest: Gypsy by SinisterMarauder by :iconsinistermarauder:

AMAZON ARROW: Metamorphosis by Furbs3D by :iconfurbs3d:

Waking UpWaking Up
By: monshogaku
Note: Amazon Arrow is the property of amazonarrow and used with permission. Mr. M and all other characters are property of the author.
M slowly opened his eyes, took a deep breath and let his memories flow. Amazon Arrow had found him, beaten him thoroughly and drove a soul arrow through his chest. A flash of light and now what? Getting to a sitting position, he thought it would be difficult and painful considering what happened, but he moved with no problems. His jacket, dress shirt and undershirt were burnt and torn to pieces. Thankfully his pants, shoes and cape were still intact. Pulling his torn clothing aside, he saw the mark where the arrow had pierced his chest. A greyish-blue mark, but no scarring or other distortion or damage to the skin. He was shocked though when he continued looking at his torso.
There should have been scars near his ribs from where he had been lashed many years ago, but like the bullet wound he should have in his left shoulder, the
by :iconmonshogaku:

Baransu by B69comics by :iconb69comics:

Amazon Arrow's Power Quest: Curia
Chryseis is like a sister to me.
I am Wonder Woman; she is Amazon Arrow.  We are both Amazon Champions from the island of Themiscyra; we are both emissaries to Man’s World.  We both were chosen to take the place of another, and both have had to fight to earn the respect that our predecessors held in the world.
Chryseis and I have fought side by side in more battles than I can count.  Together, we have defeated our fair share of villains, and it was our teamwork, along with that of our friends, that completed the Amazon Odyssey and saved the planet from an unspeakable evil.
So, on this day, when I get word that the Amazon Arrow is fighting three villainesses, in an alley by an abandoned warehouse that I am about to fly over on my way to a Justice League meeting at the Watchtower, my decision is an easy one.  I call in and let the Watchtower know that I will be a little late, and I drop down from the sky, quickly assessing the situation as I descend.
There are t
by :iconwondercuria-dd:

Amazon Arrow Power Quest: Pentagram by NICELabs by :iconnicelabs:

Amazon Arrow Power Quest: Stinger by NICELabs by :iconnicelabs:

Arrow vs Arms******Queen City Financial District, 11PM******
A solitary figure was creeping along the roof of the biggest jewelry store in Queen City to get to the skylight.  Once there, the figure was looking around the base of it for a connection to an alarm system.  The figure wasn’t aware of another figure floating in the air a few dozen feet above of her.
Wow, I almost missed whoever that is down there.  There has to be some kind of power at play to keep them so quiet.  That’s what I need to get next.  The figure hovering in the air licked her lips at the prospect of gaining power as the ring on her right hand glowed faintly before she started to descend to the rooftop.
The figure on the rooftop had finally disarmed the alarm and had gotten the rope out of the bag carefully set down next to the skylight as a hand started to feel along the sides for a catch of some kind before the figure felt something moving around from behind.  Spinning around
by :iconlonestranger:

Amazon Arrow - Does Whatever a Spider Can by Mr-G-Modder by :iconmr-g-modder:

Amazon Arrow's Revenge by SinisterMarauder by :iconsinistermarauder:

Amazon Arrow's Power Quest: Artemis is Down. by ash5800940 by :iconash5800940:

Three Birds with one Arrow by ash5800940 by :iconash5800940:

Amazon Arrow's Power Quest: Chrysies is Down by ash5800940 by :iconash5800940:

by :iconvhamelin:

Amazon Arrow's Power Quest: Thane Rematch by SinisterMarauder by :iconsinistermarauder:

Amazon Arrow's Power Quest: Hello Kitty by ash5800940 by :iconash5800940:

by :iconknight3000:

I have to do this by phoenixbird by :iconphoenixbird:

Queen City: A White Wedding / An Amazon's Quest
It had been a while since Melinda Crane had a vacation.  So when she received the invitation from her friend, and former Guardian, White Owl, she couldn't reply yes quick enough.  It had been a while since had visited with White Owl and nearly as long since she had been in Queen City.  As she walked the streets looking in the various shops and boutiques for a new dress, she couldn't stop smiling.
"I hope Ultra Woman is there as well," she thought to herself.
It was also nice to be in a city that had no idea who Mindy Marvel was.  It was difficult for her to shop like this in Angel Falls, but here the people don't give her a second look.
Her excitement was tempered very quickly when she saw Blockhead.  It had been few years since her last run in with the big brawler whose name was partially inspired by his super strength and concrete exterior...and partially because of his below average intelligence.  He was charging down the street after stealing two conta
by :iconbrad328:

Amazon Arrow Story Submission Side Effects by Skytower by :iconskytower:

by :iconwondercuria-dd:

Amazon Arrow vs Red Valina by XSkullheadX by :iconxskullheadx:

Amazon Arrow: Chrysies relaxing. by ash5800940 by :iconash5800940:

Amazon Arrow tie to a pillar by gustorak by :icongustorak:

In the Hawks Shadow by ShadowhawkOne by :iconshadowhawkone:

by :iconpablodiablo316:

Amazon Arrow meets a knightAs she walked down an empty street, Amazon Arrow almost thought she would at last enjoy a calm day. A monkey has less hair than I've had foes during the last month, she thought. Her challengers had been proud heroes and despicable villains alike and most of them had been vanquished. The others... I'll put 'em down soon enough.
Her stroll led her on a deserted plaza. The sight of it prompted her to wonder where had all the inhabitants gone. She spotted a bar and some shops, all of which were utterly lifeless. The only sound she could hear were the howling of the wind, some creaking doors and a tumbleweed tumbling in circles here and there. There were no clues for her to emit the slightest hypothesis about the phenomenon that had emptied the burgh so.
Nor did it matter to her. This place was no more than a mere stopover in her journey. For the nonce, she sought individuals blessed with powers she could absorb and there was clearly none to be found here. 'might be this ve
by :iconluctorr:

Amazon Arrow. Chrysies takes on Ironman. by ash5800940 by :iconash5800940:

Amazon Arrow.  Second time in the Bag. by ash5800940 by :iconash5800940:

Amazon Arrow vs. Steel-SoulAmazon Arrow - Quest for Power Entry:
Encounter with a Soul of Steel
The evening moon slowly began to rise into the evening as the empowered Amazon Arrow followed her latest mystical cue to a new city. Ever since draining the hidden oracle abilities of that arcane mage some time ago, she had kept herself on course as those powers guided her to her next objective. Although a tiny part of her mind still called at her to stop this overzealous quest to become stronger by draining the powers of villains AND heroes, Chryseis kept on seeking the level of power she needed... for what was to come.
Presently, Chryseis landed on a rooftop in the downtown area of Chicago, and looked about for her latest prey. Her assimiliated mystical gift had told her that something was going to present itself in this area for her to challenge and defeat, but exactly what that was, her appropriated gift had not shown her. Not to mention, after finding and easily defeating that tactical suit-clad human, many of he
by :iconbelrhaza4017:

Amazon Arrow.  Second time in the Bag. by ash5800940 by :iconvhamelin:

Power Quest Art Contest Entry: Amazon Arrow Custom by DrMind by :icondrmind:

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amazonarrow Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
HOLY COW!!!!! I'm an action figure!!!!! DrMind created a custom-sculpted, articulated, hand-painted Amazon Arrow action figure for his Power Quest contest entry. This completely blows my mind!
amazonarrow Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Detective Reed begins an investigation that seems likely to get him into trouble in "Hitting the Books" by VHamelin. This is not necessarily a contest entry, but it takes place as a result of the Power Quest events.
amazonarrow Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
AA takes on another Kryptonian in "Amazon Arrow. Second time in the Bag" by ash5800940
amazonarrow Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
AA takes a trip to Chicago and faces a formidable hero in "Amazon Arrow vs. Steel-Soul" by BelRhaza4017.
amazonarrow Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
AA versus the man in the can in "Amazon Arrow. Chrysies takes on Ironman" by ash5800940
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AA battles a mysterious knight in LucTorr's "Amazon Arrow meets a knight "
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Find out if AA handle pablodiablo316's Jade, Shoukan and Sapphire all at once in "Chryseis meets the Avatars"
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ShadowhawkOne returns and gets the drop on AA with a little help from Sugar Bratt "In the Hawks Shadow"
amazonarrow Featured By Owner Edited Jul 20, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
gustorak sends in the first ever 2D illustration of Amazon Arrow by a DeviantArtist in "Amazon Arrow tie to a pillar."
Why am I tied to a pillar? I have no idea... but it's nifty!
amazonarrow Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
"Amazon Arrow: Chrysies relaxing" by ash5800940. While not necessarily submitted for the art contest, i like it so I'm sticking it up here anyway. Why shouldn't a chaotic, aspiring goddess a take a moment for herself?
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